Scientific conferences are as easy.

No need for a seperate abstract submission and scoring system, no seperate passwords to remember, accounts to manage.
Structured Abstracts

Accept word count limited abstracts as structured or unstructured text.

Different Categories

Setup different categories of abstracts (oral presentation, poster, etc.).

Enforce Limits

Set limits on how many abstracts an author can submit or present.

Scoring Groups

Define scoring groups and assign abstracts to these scoring groups. Scoring group members are automatically notified and reminded of the deadline.


Custom scoring questions can be defined, averages are automatically calculated and outcome of the scoring is presented to the scientific program builder.

Acceptance Cutoff

Once the scoring is completed, the program builder can determine the cutoff for accepted, reserved and rejected abstracts per each category.

Automatic Notifications

Emails are sent automatically to authors upon outcome of the scoring process.

Assign to Sessions

The program builder can assign abstracts to appropriate sessions in the program.

Track Who Registered

Easily track which authors have registered and assigned themselves as the presenting author. Automatic reminders are sent to authors to register.

Build Program Book

A program book with accepted abstracts and the event program can be generated on the fly.

All this functionality with a single account.

One account to rule them all. What this means...
For you
  • Less login troubles, less support requests.
  • Centrally keep user information with no hassle.
  • No need to maintain different systems.
For the user
  • Ease of use.
  • Less time wasted to create accounts on different systems.
  • Less passwords to remember.

See a demo

We can arrange a demo for you to see all these features in action.