Convey information to your users.

Your website becomes a part of the integrated solution. Manage content and share information only to specific groups (members, board members, etc.).
Association and Events Websites

Association website and event website is fully dynamic and all parts of the content can be changed through the administrative interface.

Easy To Use

A simple text editor like interface is provided to edit page content.

Rich Content

News, events calendar, maps, forms can easily be added to any page.

File Manager

An online file manager is provided to store and manage downloadable content and/or images.

Knowledge Base

Place to store, search and retrieve archives, manuals, meeting minutes, bylaws, contracts. Anything and everything related with your association.

Structurally Organized

Knowledge Base articles can be structurally organized. Like a file system.

Flexible Access

Different levels of access can be granted for viewing by the public, account holders, members, executive board members and/or other group members.

All this functionality with a single account.

One account to rule them all. What this means...
For you
  • Less login troubles, less support requests.
  • Centrally keep user information with no hassle.
  • No need to maintain different systems.
For the user
  • Ease of use.
  • Less time wasted to create accounts on different systems.
  • Less passwords to remember.

See a demo

We can arrange a demo for you to see all these features in action.