Every user is a potential member.

Seek your potential.


Fully automated membership management with minimum manual actions.

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Event Management

Event Management

Easily manage all aspects of an event ranging anything from a meeting to a full congress with a couple of mouse clicks.

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Abstract Submission and Scoring

Scientific conferences are covered. Fully integrated abstract submission and scoring system that is event management aware.

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Website & Knowledge Management

Manage your website and keep your associations knowledge accessible to your members. Drive interaction.

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All the above, plus...

Branches or Chapters

If you have Branches or Chapters you can integrate them in a single software.

Collect Information

Besides standard demographics you can collect additional information about a user.

Integrated Payments

Track your income for membership fees and event sales. You may also request online payments from users for other things.

Financial Reporting

Export income reports in a spreadsheet file.

Integrated Communication

Send emails to all your users or limit to members, event attendees or other groups. From the system, no separate application required.

Single Account

Every person has a single user account to become a member, send abstracts, register to an event, etc.


Administrative access can be assigned to multiple user accounts with different level of access.

Reduce Manual Labor

Tasks that takes hours to complete are automatically handled, leaving precious human resources for creative tasks.


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