Everything from registrations to certificates covered.

One stop solution with no manual actions required.

Offer tickets at specific prices for (non-)members, groups, age, early bird and late registrations. Eligibility automatically determined.

Paid or Free Options

Offer paid or free options with registrations. Sell gala dinner, social events, trips, or even hotel bookings.

Invoices and Receipts

Receipts and invoices are automatically created for registrations and are mailed or always available to the user in their account.

Online and Offline Payments

Online payments with a credit card system of your choice or easily track bank transfers. You can also track on-site cash payments. Registrations are confirmed upon payment.

Invitation Letters

Customized invitation letters are made available upon registration by email or through the users account.

Program Building

Build your event program, assign speakers. Program automatically updates on website and program book.

Print Name Tags

Print name tags with custom labels for speakers or specific groups.

Manage Certificates

Print, email or make attendance certificates available online in user accounts.

Live Statistics

Live statistics, per country, registration type, attendance or based on previous attendance.

Custom Event Website

A custom website can be created specific for the event, automatically updated based on the event settings (dates, prices, program).

All this functionality with a single account.

One account to rule them all. What this means...
For you
  • Less login troubles, less support requests.
  • Centrally keep user information with no hassle.
  • No need to maintain different systems.
For the user
  • Ease of use.
  • Less time wasted to create accounts on different systems.
  • Less passwords to remember.

See a demo

We can arrange a demo for you to see all these features in action.