Instantly offer more to your members.

By making it easy way to become a member with a couple of clicks and providing member specific content you are sure to increase your number of members.
Membership Models

We have various monthly, yearly and multi-year memberships models built in. We can work with you to incorporate your model.

Institutional Memberships

You can offer memberships to institutes as well as individuals. Institutional members can add their affiliated individuals under their membership to share the privilidges.

Users Know

Users can clearly see their membership status by logging in, no guessing, no manual lookups.


Members can be eligible for additional privileges. Cheaper/free registration to events, access to members only content, enrolling onto courses for cheaper/free.

Membership Certificates

Membership certificates will be available online in the users accounts and emailed to them upon confirmation.

Automatic Reminders

Members are automatically reminded that their membership is ending and they need to renew.

Invoices and Receipts

Receipts and invoices are automatically created for memberships and are mailed or always available to the user in their account.

Online and Offline Payments

Online payments with a credit card system of your choice or easily track bank transfers. You can also track on-site cash payments. Memberships are activated upon confirmation of payment.

Live Statistics

Instantly see how many members you have and clearly understand your membership potentials.

No Manual Labor

No human intervention is required to manage memberships.


You can decide who can become a member and who can't. We can integrate your vetting process to check potential members.

All this functionality with a single account.

One account to rule them all. What this means...
For you
  • Less login troubles, less support requests.
  • Centrally keep user information with no hassle.
  • No need to maintain different systems.
For the user
  • Ease of use.
  • Less time wasted to create accounts on different systems.
  • Less passwords to remember.

See a demo

We can arrange a demo for you to see all these features in action.